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Week 16.05.22


All Phonics learning can be found on Tapestry.



This week we are going to be learning about some different dance styles from around the world. I have found some tutorial videos for a selection of dances from other countries. Throughout the week, encourage your child to watch the videos and have a go at following the dance steps for each dance style. I will not state which country each dance is from. Do some research online and see if you and your child can find this out. 

BAILA BOUNCE | Samba for kids | Easy Latin dance for kids | Teacher friendly content

Fun, Fiery Flamenco Dance Routine

EASY Ukrainian Dance for Kids | Hopak (гопа́к) Folk Dance

Five(ish) Minute Dance Lesson - African Dance: Lesson 3: Dancing on the Clock

DAZL - The HAKA Tutorial

To continue with our colours theme as well as music, we are looking at another new artist called Piet Mondrian who also did abstract art. We are going to combine this artist with some learning about shades and tints. Shades is when you add black to a colour, gradually, to see it darken. A tint is where you gradually add white to a colour to see it lighten up. If you have some paints at home you could have a practice doing this and experiment.

For a piece of artwork, I would like your child to use a ruler to draw lines on their page to section it into different sized squares and rectangles, much the same as Mondrian. They can then choose a colour and in random shapes on their picture, add black and white to their chosen colour, and paint in some of the shapes. This will look really effective when finished. All areas do not need to be filled with colour. 

Focused Writing

This week I thought it would be good for your child to do some focused writing. In class we are going to be choosing our favourite nursery rhyme and writing out the lyrics. Adults, try to sit with your child when they do this so you can remind them of their capital letters, full stops, fingers spaces and keeping their letters on the line. Also if they are not sure how to write a particular sound it is ok for you to show them.


Marvellous Maths

This week we have moved on to the next phase titled 'Find my pattern'. 


Session 1 - Watch the video and then play the double matching game with your child. Feel free to use the blank templates to create your own cards for numbers 1, 2 and 6. This will make your game last a little longer. 

Session 1 - Doubling

Find My Pattern - Wk 1 - Session 1 - Doubling

Session 2 - In this lesson we are looking at doubling again. Watch the video with your child and then your child can have a go at creating the doubling butterflies. They could make one for each double up to double 5. Can they guess what their double makes before they print?

Session 2 - Doubling (2)

Find My Pattern - Wk 1 - Session 2 - Doubling (2)

Session 3 - We continue our learning about doubles. Watch the video and this time the game involves dice and rolling a double. Score points to see who is the winner. Again, see if your child can tell you what the double makes before they count the spots. 

Session 3 - Doubling Dice Game

Find My Pattern - Wk 1 - Session 3 - Doubling Dice Game

Session 4 - To end our week on doubling, your child will play a game of dominoes. You may have your own set at home or you could make paper ones. 

Session 5 - Domino Game

Find My Pattern - Wk 1 - Session 5 - Domino Game

Guided Reading

Here is a selection of readings of books we will be listening to in class this week. 

Giraffes Can't Dance

I Will Dance by Nancy Bo Flood and Julianna Swaney / Children's Story Time Read Aloud