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Week 2, 13/6/22


This week we are continuing with our time topic.  There are some new activities with time but also some work to check your understanding of the work we have covered.  If you are still not secure in telling the time then use the mathsframe game which I have included below to practise your skills.  Don't forget to do your TTRS.




We are starting our new topic of World Kitchen, the knowledge organiser is on the year 4 class page below the photo.  On Monday we are focusing on food found particularly in the UK.  Watch the presentation and then draw lines of the food to roughly the correct part of the map of the UK; your mapping skills from our first topic should help you. Finally for Monday you have some statements about milk production which you need to read and then put them in the correct order.  On Tuesday you have a similar activity of sequencing for the cheese activity and then you have an activity to do where there are different types of food and you need to sort them into which foods are grown in the UK and which are grown abroad.  We have previously completed work on the continents. Can you add 3 other foods to each page. On Wednesday there is a blank map of the world for you to identify the continents on but we have different food from around the world because of the different climates. Look at the presentation to understand the different climate words. Can you shade your world map to show the different climates around the world using the map provided to help you, don't forget to include a key. Can you complete the continent quiz?  On Thursday your reading comprehension is about climate change and saving the planet earth which follows on from our science, PSHE and topic work from last term.  The grammar work on Friday is about when to use paragraphs, there is a presentation for you to follow and then 2 activities to complete.


This week we are thinking about the effects of the seasons on the environment and developing your understanding of migration and hibernation.  There is a presentation on migration and then a sorting activity to complete on whether an animal migrates or hibernates.  When you have completed this work see if you can find out about the migration of an Artic Tern and write about it.  Then find out about one animal which hibernates and where and how it hibernates.