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Week 2 3/5/22


This week we are continuing with our work on decimals.  We have had a good focus on our times tables make sure you are trying to do some TTRS daily to make sure you keep getting accurate answers.


This week we are starting our new topic on Mount Kilimanjaro, the new knowledge organiser can be found on the class page under the pictures.  To start I would like you to watch the presentation on mountains where you can think about how mountains are formed; this should be following on from the volcano work you did in year 3.  We are going to be looking in detail at Mount Kilimanjaro so there is another presentation for you to watch on Mount Kilimanjaro, followed by some facts on the mountains in the world.  When you have done this there is an activity for you to label accurately a map of the continent Africa and locate the position of Mount Kilimanjaro.  I have included a separate answer sheet for you if you are unsure of the countries in Africa. On Wednesday I would like you to learn the vocabulary to describe the features of a mountain.  Firstly watch the presentation and then you can begin labelling if you are struggling I have included a list of vocabulary words to help you.  Finally you can complete a fact file on Mount Kilimanjaro.  On Thursday we are doing a reading comprehension on TheTempest to complete the work we did on The Tempest last week.  The grammar work on Friday is covering work on suffixes which spelling group 3 are covering in their weekly spellings.  There is a presentation to follow with 2 activities; write the words out as it will help with your spellings.


This week we are beginning to  recap and look at food chains and the different groups for animals. First you need to look at the presentation to remind you of the different steps in a food chain. Then you need to complete the worksheet on sorting the different living species into the correct column, can you add any of your own to each column?  Next you need to look at the presentation on the different animal groups so you can complete the worksheet on the different characteristics for each animal group.  Finally you should be able to complete the worksheet with the missing gaps.  You can write the final worksheet out completely and put in the missing words.


Last week we looked at the lives of 2 children in urban and rural Malawi.  This week we are going to explore the life of Chiwa and problems she may have being a girl living in poverty in Malawi.  Look at the presentation  and use the sorting cards statements to help as you do your work.  Then complete the feeling worksheet about how you feel in Chiwas situation.  We need to keep positive to be able to support those who do not have equality in their life experiences and there is an activity sheet for you to complete on positive thoughts.  I have included a positive word mat to support you to complete your work.