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Week 2 7/3/22


This week we are completing our fraction topic.  We are going to recap some work on equivalent fractions and finding fractions of amounts.  If you know your tables really well it helps to calculate your fractions.  Keep practising your TTRS, make sure you are going for accuracy in your studio and soundchecker. On Thursday there is an opportunity to recap how we calculate equivalent fractions, remember to think about the fractions wall.


This week we are focusing on King Henry VIII.  On Monday you are looking at Henry VIII, there are some information clips for you to watch.  Your work is outlined on the presentation. On Tuesday you are exploring how Princess Elizabeth felt in the Tower of London when she was a prisoner.  There is some research for you to do in preparation for your informal letter writing on Wednesday.  Your grammar work on Friday is continuing with punctuating direct speech sentences with inverted commas.


This week we are continuing with our work on rights and exploring the rights of children.  Have a look at the human rights cards and then create an acrostic poem.  You might like to relate it to the events that are occurring in Ukraine.