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Week 2 Resources


We are continuing with our multiplication and division topic.  Knowing your times tables with quick responses will really help you with your work.  Remember to keep practising your TTRS particularly your garage levels.



We are starting our new topic of Reign Over Us which looks at the British Monarchs from William the Conqueror to Queen Elizabeth II. So our activities are based on Queen Elizabeth II  and Queen Victoria this week. On Monday you are learning about being a monarch and about our current monarch Queen Elizabeth II.  On Tuesday you are exploring the features of a non-chronological report on Queen Victoria.  On Wednesday you are going to identify subject specific vocabulary on monarchs you may need to look at the powerpoint on Wednesday about Queen Elizabeth II to help you complete the final column of your worksheet.


Our grammar is based on the apostrophe.   First there is a slide show for you to look at to recap the different jobs of the apostrophe.   Then there are 2 worksheets for you to complete you can just write the answers out you do not need to print the worksheet.  However in each worksheet section there are 3 worksheets, you DO NOT need to do all 3 worksheets.  If you are spelling group 1 you do the worksheet with a D in a star in the corner.  If you are spelling group 2 you do the worksheet with an E in a star in the corner and if you are spelling group 3 you do the worksheet with GD in a star in the corner. I have included the answers within each pack of worksheets so you can check and mark your work.


Our literacy work is topic related so your topic work this week is on the Windsor Family Tree.  We will be looking at several royal family trees in this topic.  On the worksheet you need to cut out the family members and put them in the correct place.  You might want to look at the powerpoint on the immediate royal family to help you there is also a completed poster picture to help you.  There are a few extra people on the poster than the worksheet. Then have a go at doing your own family tree.


We are continuing with our topic on sound to recap the knowledge we have already learnt about the ear, there is a quick refresher activity. All you need to do is click on the + sign and a fact will be revealed to you.  We all use the telephone to communicate sound to people we cannot see.  The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell and we are going to be doing some work on this scientist.  First you need to look at the slide show on him. Then there is a text which recaps the work you looked at on the powerpoint and some questions for you to answer. You do not need to print the worksheet you can just answer the questions. Then there is a timeline of telephone pictures for you to complete.


This term we are going to be thinking about safety in our PSHE topic and we are going to start by thinking about your responsibilities.  Your first task is to look at the presentation, please present it as a slideshow which you can access in the icons at the top of the screen.  Then you have a worksheet to complete thinking about the responsibilities that you have at present.