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Week 22/11/21


All Phonics learning and resources can be found on Tapestry (1 activity per day). 



This week we are in our new phase titled 'Light and Dark'. We are looking at the numbers 4 and 5, how they are represented and their number bonds. 

Below, please find 3 activity sheets based upon this weeks learning. 


The first sheet involves sorting representations of 4 and 5 into groups. 



The next activity looks at the composition of '4' and the different ways in which you can make 4. I have uploaded a bus template with passengers that can be put on and taken off. Play around with this resource, putting passengers on the bus and allowing some to get off to explore the different combinations to make 4. Maybe you could record what you find by writing them down e.g. 3 + 1, 2 + 2

The last activity is based upon yesterdays, except this time we are exploring the composition of 5. They have chosen to use 'frogs' and a 'pond' which you could link to the rhyme '5 Little Speckled Frogs'. Or feel free to use a different rhyme based upon 5 characters e.g. 5 little men in a flying saucer, 5 little monkeys


This week we are looking at a new book called 'The Egg'. Below is a You Tube link to a reading of this story. Please click on the link and listen to the story, up until the point the egg starts to rumble. Please do not listen any further. 


I would like your child to write down what they think might be inside the egg. They can either do this as a mind-map, writing 'Egg' in the middle of the page and then writing around the outside, ideas on what it might be. Or they can have a go at writing a full sentence e.g. I think there is a.......inside the egg. They can also draw a picture to go with their writing.



This week we are also going to be looking at oral health and keeping our teeth clean. I have uploaded a Power-point presentation by the popular brand 'Aquafresh' promoting good oral health. 


There is then a competition to display the 6 rules in whatever way you would like to. For example you could do a poem, rhyme or acrostic poem, or a poster or banner or maybe even a song with a dance! Whichever way you choose to display these rules, please take a photo of the finished article and email it into the school by Friday. This will then be passed on to be entered into the competition which could win a library makeover for the school, with a selection of new books!

Guided Reading

Here is a reading of a story based around our learning for this week