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Week 23.05.22


All Phonics activities and learning can be found on Tapestry.



This week, of course, we are going to be looking into the celebration of the Queen's Jubilee!


To begin with, you could do some research on the Queen, what her name is, and her family tree, as some of the children may have seen some of the royal family on the TV. You could also look up Buckingham Palace and the flag of England. 

I have attached a Powerpoint all about Queen Elizabeth and the celebration for you to go through with your child. I have also uploaded some activities for you child such as designing a crown and writing a list of things you would need if you were having a celebration/party (Use the sheet without the pictures to encourage your child to think of their own ideas!). 

For the children's writing challenge this week, they are going to write a letter to the queen. This may be to congragulate her on being the queen and looking after our country for 70 years. It may be to ask her a question. Anything that your child would like to say to the queen!


We are also going to be covering our R.E topic question for this half term as well...Which stories are special and why?


Firstly, ask your child if they have or have heard a story that is special to them. Why is it special to them?


Remind them of the Christian religion, people who believe in God and his son, Jesus. We are going to look at 4 special stories from this religion, starting with 'Noah's Ark'. 

Below is an animated telling of the story. Afterwards, talk about the special meaning behind this story. 

Noah's ark is a story filled with faith, perseverance, and promise. Noah was a man who believed in God. The entire population of mankind had become wicked and God decided to bring a flood to the earth to destroy everyone but Noah and his family. God told Noah to prepare an ark big enough to hold one male and one female from every kind of animal and creature. 

God promised to never destroy the earth with a flood again and He placed a rainbow in the sky as a sign of his promise.

Noah's Ark

by Lucy Cousins

The 2nd story we are going to look it is one which explains to us why people celebrate Diwali. The children learnt about this celebration earlier in the year and so they may remember some parts. After listening to the story, discuss with your child that the meaning behind the story is that Rama, Sita and Hanuman represent goodness and light, whilst Ravana represents darkness and evil. As Ravana is defeated by Rama and his army, the message is that with persistence and dedication, goodness will win over bad. The light is represented by Diva lamps which are made and shone throughout the celebration. 

The Hindu Story of Rama and Sita | Religions of the World

Follow this link for Teacher Notes and more:https://www.bbc.com/teach/class-clips-video/religious-studies-ks1-the-hindu-story-of-rama-and-sita/zdtmnrdSuitabl...

Our third story is a Christian story from the Bible where Jesus heals the 10 lepers. This story hopes to show how important it is to be thankful to others and how it feels when we are thanked for our actions. 

43 Jesus Heals Ten Lepers

Tommy Nelson's Read and Share Bible series is a fun animated narration of popular Bible stories for Kids.

Our final story of the week is another bible story about 2 sons. This story promotes the importance of when you make a promise, to stick by your promise, and do not make promises that you can't keep. 

Parable of the Two Sons

The story of the two sons paraphrased as part of a parables sermon series at St. Peter in Eastgate Lincoln. (Matthew 21. 28-32)Illustrations mainly by Nick B...

Marvellous Maths

This week we are looking at sharing, when objects can be shared equally and when they can't. 

Session 1 - Please watch the video with your child and then play the sharing game together. You will need up to 10 objects that can be shared. Ask your child to pick a number of objects from the pile and then share them fairly between you both. Each time, discuss if they have been shared fairly, or not. How many have you got each? Who has more/fewer? what could you do with the remaining left over one?

Session 6 - Sharing

Find My Pattern - Wk 2 - Session 1 - Sharing

Session 2 - Please watch the video and then listen to the story 'The Doorbell rang'. This time you will be sharing objects again, but this time exploring what happens each time if you add more people to share between. An amount that can't be shared fairly between 2 people, may be able to be shared fairly between 3. 

Session 8 - The Doorbell Rang

Find My Pattern - Wk 2 - Session 3 - The Doorbell Rang

The Doorbell Rang Read Aloud

Session 3 - Please watch the video together and then cut out 4 gingerbread man templates. You will need objects to use as buttons. Start with 2 gingerbread men and ask your child to select a number of buttons and then share them about between the men. Now see what happens if you need to put 3 buttons on each gingerbread man. How many have you got now? What is you only had 2 men? How many buttons would be on each then?

Session 9 - Grouping

Find My Pattern - Wk 2 - Session 4 - Grouping

Session 4 - Please watch the video together and then you will need something to act as pots and flowers. Follow the directions on the sheet to share amounts of 'flowers' between the pots to see how many pots you need. Now put more objects in the pots. How many objects are there altogether now?

Session 10 - Grouping (2)

Find My Pattern - Wk 2 - Session 5 - Grouping (2)

I hope you all have a great half term week!