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Week 28.03.22


All Phonics learning can be found on Tapestry.



This week we are going to be looking at the human lifecycle as well as jobs and occupations. To start the week off please ask your child to tell you what different jobs they know. Jot the responses as a mind-map. 

I have then attached a Power-point which includes video's of many different job roles and people who help us. Do not feel you have to watch them all at once, spread them out across the week. 

These video's will help your child when doing their writing challenge. 

I have then attached a Human growth activity where your child can stick the pictures in the order they think they go from when a human life starts to where it ends. Ask your child at which point they think people would have a baby?

Lastly I have attached a sheet split into 3 sections. In each section ask your child to write down things they could do at that age. e.g. crawl, write, run, count, work etc. (Do not cut and stick the pictures from the second sheet)

Writing Challenge

This week I would like you to write about what you would like to do/be when you grow up, as a job? and why? You can draw a picture to go along with your writing. 

Marvellous Maths

This week we continue into week 2 of the consolidation period


Session 1 - The slides begin with showing 2 dice. Encourage your child to say how many spots are on each die, without having to count them (subitising). Then 2 characters will appear and turn over a card each. The game is who has more? Again, this will require your child to say how many are represented on each card, before pointing out who has more and who has fewer. Your child can then play this game with a partner using the cards provided. 

Session 2 - 

This next Power-point starts with the same game, but this time showing hands holding up a number of fingers, looking at how many fingers are held up on each hand and then who has more or fewer.

We then go into a similar game as yesterday, with 2 characters which each throw two dice. Ask your child to find the total of the 2 dice and then comment on who has more. That character will get a point. 

Again, your child can then play this game with a partner.