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Week 29/11/21


All Phonics learning and resources can be found on Tapestry (1 activity per day).


This week we are continuing our learning based on the numbers 4 and 5. There are 3 maths sessions this week.


The first looks at different ways of making 4 and 5 by using double sided counters. These can easily be made by cutting circles from paper or card and colouring 1 side of each circle in one colour and then the other side in a different colour. You will also need a 5 frame for your child to place their counters in to. You will see what this frame look like on the activity sheet uploaded below. 

The second session looks at using 4 and 5 cubes to make different shapes, learning that it doesn't matter what shape is made or how the cubes are arranged, there will always be the same amount that you started with. A great video to watch to aid your child with this learning is Numberblocks - number 4. I have uploaded a link to this video below. 



The final session works on finding 1 more or less than numbers up to 5, by hiding objects in a bucket and then using the 5 frame to help you to work out the answer. 


I have uploaded a link to the Numberblocks episode for 5.



Now that we have made our predictions about what is in 'The Egg' we are going to read a little further up until the boy decides he needs to teach the creature some lessons. 


This week I would like you to write a numbered list of things you think this particular creature needs to learn how to do, almost like a step by step guide of how to be a good...


Below is the link for the story again...please do not watch any further than stated until they have completed the writing task. Your child is then free to listen to the rest of the story. 


Road Safety Week

This week is 'Road Safety Week' where we learn the steps to take to make sure we are safe on the road, whether this is in a vehicle or walking down the street and crossing a road. 


Below I have attached a power-point full of information on this. If you search for 'King of the Road Road Safety' on YouTube you will find a couple of lovely short clips of songs that were released as adverts a few years ago, to advertise how important this is. 


I have also uploaded a link to another short video about keeping safe near the road. 


This week is also the celebration of the Jewish festival Hannukah. Below is an imformation Power-point about how this is celebrated and also the story behind it. 


I have also uploaded a reading of a story based on Hannukah, as well as some pictures of some Hannukah based crafts you might like to have a go at.