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Week 3 9/5/22


This week we are continuing with our work on decimals. Each day there is a flashback4 for you to answer as a warm up, followed by a worksheet and a true or false to solve. Also you can do TTRS online, have a go at doing a garage level, a studio and sound checker.



There is a reading comprehension for you to complete on a river poem. Also in grammar there is a presentation to observe and 2 activities for you to complete.


This week we are looking at the features of a flower and learning the vocabulary for the different parts.  Watch the presentation as a slideshow and then do the  activity. Have a look at flowers outside and see if you can see the different parts.


This week we are continuing with the work on the topic of Britain.  Last week we looked at communities in Britain this week we are exploring British law.  First you need to watch the presentation as a slide show and then there are some discussion cards about different British laws.  On the end of the presentation it is outlined for you to do an activity on the consequences of breaking the law.