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Week 3 9/5/22


This week we are starting our new maths topic on money.  To start we are going to be looking at the coins for pounds and pence and converting between.  I have been really impressed with your work on TTRS keep it up.



Last week we started thinking about mountains in particular Mount Kilimanjaro and the vocabulary we would use with mountains.  This week we are thinking about the zones found on a mountain. On Monday you need to read the story which I have uploaded and there is a short activity for you to complete on noun phrases.  On Tuesday you will be developing your expanded noun phrases and thinking about the human life opportunities on Mount Kilimanjaro.  On Wednesday you will use your work from the beginning of the week to write an email to  myself about a safari trip based on the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro.  You have a paper copy with an image but you can type an email instead and save it. On Thursday your reading comprehension is about mountains.  It is slightly different to our usual layout there are 4 pages but at the end of each page there is are VIPER questions for you to complete using the text on the page. On Friday your grammar activity is on suffixes.



This week we are starting to look at branching keys with different organisms. First I want you to look at the 2 animals and write down all the differences you can see.  Then watch the  presentation, next I want you to complete the animal sheet on woodland animals thinking about their features.  Can you add another animal you would find in a woodland habitat? Then have a go at doing the branching key activity.  When you have completed this can you create your own branching key for the woodland animals.


We are continuing with the work on Chiwa and solutions to her life experiences.  Last week we considered whether she should stay on at school or leave school and support the family.  This week we are looking at sugar farming and fair trade.

Watch the presentation to find out what sugar farming is and then look at the discussion cards pick 3 from the selection and write down your comments.  Learning about different people and their life experiences makes you think and feel differently.  Our final piece of work this week in PSHE is to record a feeling chart of how you are feeling for each day of the week.