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Week 4 16/5/22


This week we are starting a new topic on shape and to start with we are focusing on angles.  On Thursday we are on a trip and on Friday it is the sponsored walk.



On Monday we are starting our descriptive writing I want use the worksheet with the picture on and use each sentence starter and relate it to the picture. Make sure you include the adjectives and verbs on the worksheet. Remember to include the figurative language we were working on in class last week. On Tuesday you are going to have another opportunity to write a descriptive setting.  Use the worksheet as a guide.  On Wednesday you will be doing the grammar activity on relative clauses.  Thursday is a trip and Friday it is the sponsored walk.   If you are at home you can create a fact file on a river in the world.


This week we are looking at the lifecycles of plants and how they reproduce. There is a short presentation to watch on plant sexual reproduction and pollination followed by an activity on the sorting plants into pollen dispersal. Some plants reproduce asexually and there is a presentation for you to watch and a worksheet to complete on the advantages and disadvantages of asexual reproduction.  Finally there is a flowering plant life cycle worksheet for you to complete.


This week we are looking at local government.  There is a presentation for you to watch on local government and 2 short activities.