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Week 4 16/5/22


This week we are continuing with our money topic and practising finding change. I am really impressed with your work on TTRS keep it up.


This week we are going to cover a variety of different writing activities which links in with your topic.  On Monday we are going to write a haiku poem about the birds found on Mount Kilimanjaro.  Watch the presentation and choose one of the birds shown then write a haiku poem about it.  Remember to count your syllables.  On Tuesday we are writing similes about the different mountain zones.  There is an activity sheet which links with the presentation; for some reason it would not let me upload the presentation altogether so I had to split it into 2 parts.  Last term we looked at punctuating direct speech on Wednesday you are going to use these skills to write an interview imagining that you have just reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro and how you would feel. Remember to use "" Think about the questions you would ask; remember to use a ? and the responses using the knowledge you have gained about Mount Kilimanjaro.  You can use some of simile work in the different mountain zones to add interest to your work.  Try and do at least 5 questions and responses.  On Thursday we are learning about Jane Goodall, this also links with our science work.  There is a presentation for you to watch and a biography story to listen to before you have a go at the reading comprehension on Jane Goodall.  Friday the grammar activity is based on standard English and using the correct word.


This week we are continuing with branching keys. Last week we focused on the different animal categories for vertebrates. Your first activity is to sort the animals into the correct groups. Then you have an investigation to do which involves sorting items you would find outside into different groups. This will help you to develop your understanding of branching keys. Then there is an interactive activity to complete to check your knowledge. Finally there is a plant branching key to complete.


This week we are looking at how climate change can affect the lives of people living in rural Malawi.  Watch the presentation and there are some role play cards you might like to read and consider how to react to them.  This is followed by writing a postcard, make sure you read what you need to do.