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Week 4 Resources


This week we are moving onto division which is the opposite (inverse) calculation to multiplication.  If you know your tables it will help with your division calculations.  Division can be tricky we will keep revisiting it in maths so don’t worry. Remember to keep practicing your TTRS especially focus on the garage levels.


This week the focus of our writing is a descriptive setting of the Battle of Hastings.  Look back at last weeks remote learning on the Battle of Hastings and the Bayeux Tapestry if you need a recap.  Follow the powerpoints for Monday and Tuesday, then by Wednesday you will be able to write you descriptive setting.  The reading comprehension is based on a fictional text; read the text and answer the questions. You do not need to print the answer sheet you can write the answers out.  



First there are 2 clips for you to watch on the timeline of the British Monarchs.  This week we are going to focus on the Domesday Book created by William the Conqueror.  There is a clip for you to watch to understand why the Domesday Book was created. Whilst you are doing your work in 50 words can you summarise what Domesday means, why it was created and how the English felt about it.

You are going to create your own Domesday page.  You will need to print the blank copy off, then rip the paper around the edges to make it look old. Finally, stain the page with a wet tea bag and leave to dry.  Once it is dry you can fill the table in.


This week we are thinking about road safety.  When you cross the road what safety points do you do?  Can you create a road safety poster.



We are moving on to explore pitch watch the clip and do the activities at the bottom of the page