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Week 5 23/5/22


We are starting a new maths topic on time.  In year 4 you are expected to be able to read time to the nearest minute and start to understand am/pm and the 24 hour clock.  I know that some of you will still be struggling to read time there is some work in purple mash for you to complete to help you practise your time telling.  There is also a game on mathsframe time game to help you with your skills which I have included below.  Keep practising your TTRS.


This week we are writing a persuasive advert for a trek up Mount Kilimanjaro.  On Monday there is a short presentation and a boastful vocabulary sheet for you to complete.  When you have done this you need to do the activity on identifying the features of a persuasive advert; this will help with your work on Tuesday.  On Tuesday make sure you have your planning sheet when you are watching the presentation and try to do some of your own ideas using the presentation to help you.   On Wednesday you are going to write up your persuasive advert using your plan from Tuesday and the steps to success.  The reading comprehension on Thursday is quite short so I would like you to use your knowledge from this topic to complete a factfile on Mount Kilimanjaro.  The grammar on Friday is continuing with the standard English on using I or me.  There is a presentation followed by 2 activities to complete.


This week in our science we are thinking about the environment and how habitats can be affected.  To start we are thinking about the local habitat of the outdoor school environment or if you are at home maybe your garden or the park.  Follow the presentation on local habitats and complete the worksheets.  Then there is a presentation on chimpanzees facts to look at following on from our work on Jane Goodall.  Watch the presentation and make notes.  Can you create a factfile on chimpanzees using these headings: Introduction, communication, tools, nutrition, family, endangered


Chimpanzees are becoming endangered because of their habitats being destroyed can you find out what is happening to their homes and what is being done to protect the chimpanzees.  You can present this as a poster.


This week we are thinking about charities and organisations that support people like Chiwa living in rural poverty.  There is a presentation for you to watch and an activity to complete.  Then you can make a poster using the ideas suggested in the presentation.