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Week 5 28/3/22


This week we are still working on decimals and we will be recapping dividing by 10 and 100 with decimals.  Remember to keep practising your TTRS. On Monday and Tuesday I have included an extra worksheet if you whizz through the first one.


This week we are focusing on the Spanish Armada. On Monday you are watching a presentation (watch it as a slideshow) on the Spanish Armada and then you are planning a radio news report as an eyewitness to the Spanish Armada from Plymouth.  I have included an image for you to help you think about the scene of the Armada.  On Tuesday there are notes and a planning sheet for you to do your planning. Then on Wednesday you need to write up your radio news.


Last week we were looking at rights and responsibilities, this week the focus is on respect. Folllow the powerpoint as a slideshow to understand how respect links with the rights we have been looking at.


This week in school we are making simple circuits.  I have attached a sorting activity for you to do and an e book so you cn read about circuits.