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Week 5 Resources


This week we are moving onto area, we will keep revisiting your multiplication and division skills.  In the autumn term we explored perimeter which is the measure around the outside of a shape.  Now we are looking at area which is measuring the space inside a shape.  Remember to keep practising your TTRS as it really helps with your calculating in multiplication and division.


This week we are looking at the reign of the medieval King John, the Magna Carta and the civil war of the War of the Roses.  We are also going back over the possession apostrophe as we found it really tricky to understand in our work last week.

Monday  GOAL why King John was a significant British King

We are going to be exploring King John who was a medieval king.  Your first task is to watch the presentation on King John as a slideshow and watch the link on the Magna Carta.  There is also a BBC bitesize link for you to watch on King John as the clip gives some positives about King John.  When you have completed watching these clips I would like you to write down why he is a significant British monarch and 2 sentences about why King John was a good king and also a bad king.  

Tuesday  GOAL what was the Magna Carta

First you are going to watch the presentation on the Magna Carta.

Now you have learnt about the Magna Carta there are some questions for you to answer. 

Why did the English people decide to revolt against King John?

What is another word for the Magna Carta?

Where and when did King John sign the Magna Carta?

Why is the Magna Carta described as one of the most important documents in history?

What does democracy mean?

Can you write down one of the rules from the Magna Carta that we still use today?

Wednesday GOAL creating a school Magna Carta

As a school community we have to live and work alongside each other and in school we have 3 school rules ( be safe, be ready and be respectful). Today you are going to think about how we could realistically make our school community even better.  (You still have to do school work and we can't have a swimming pool!).I have included a worksheet for you to write down your ideas, look at the first worksheet, you don't need to print the worksheet just write your thoughts in sentences under the subheadings. Then like we did for our Domesday page you can create an old page using a tea bag.  When it is dry you can present your ideas for the school Magna Carta.  Put the title at the top of your page as Year 4 Magna Carta.  Write down your ideas, you could think of your own subheadings and remember to sign your Magna Carta.


The focus is on the Battle of Bosworth.  To help with your understanding of the text there is a clip of the background of the War of Roses and then a presentation which you need to watch as a slideshow before you read the text.  Then read the text and answer the questions you can write the answers out, there are a few extra questions for you to complete too.

Grammar  GOAL singular possessive apostrophe

We are going to go back over the possessive apostrophe.  This week there are 4 worksheets for you to complete but the activities are quite short and mainly focussing on the singular possessive apostrophe.  You do not need to print the worksheets just write out the answers.  Do the worksheets, on some of the worksheets I have included the answers so you can check your work.  On worksheet 4 you can split your page into 2 columns singular and plural rather than draw the boxes and colour. Hopefully these activities will make you feel more secure with the singular possessive apostrophe.


This week you have the opportunity to do some research on a medieval king from the Norman or Plantagenet dynasty.  You can choose the monarch and present your work in a factfile.


Last week we started exploring pitch and how high and low pitch sounds can be created. This week you need to find some straws and follow the worksheet to create some panpipes.  If you do not have straws you can use bottles with different amounts of water in.  When you have created your panpipes I want you to use scientific words to explain what you found out about the length of the straw and pitch.  Think about how vibrations are linked with pitch.


Last week we thought about road safety.  In our topic on safety we have thought about different situations and the risks in dangerous situations.  Today, your task is to look at the different scenarios and pick 4 of them.  Then say why the situation could be unsafe and what you would do.