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Week 6 4/4/22


This week we are doing some assessments in school but we are also using this week to practise some of the maths skills we have learnt this term.  Each day there are some arithmetic worksheets for you to complete to reinforce the work you have already covered. There are not any flashback 4 this week instead there are 2 different maths challenges for you to complete each day.  Remember to keep practising your TTRS and there is an Easter challenge on TTRS for you to complete.  Lets be the champions year 4, everyone can have a go.


This week we are doing assessments in school, in English we will be doing a reading and grammar test. As part of our RE work we are also focusing on the Easter Story this week.  To start the week I have included the bible story of Easter for you to watch.  Monday is recapping on the significance of Easter and the events that happened to Jesus in Holy Week. Once you have watched the clip there is a BBC bitesize for you to watch and complete the activities.  On Tuesday  I would like you to watch the powerpoint, you are going to be focusing on the Easter story by using the headings of Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  Make notes about the events that occurs on each day.  On Wednesday I have put an image up for each Easter day that you will write about and I have put the pictures on one worksheet for you to write on and label the pictures with the Holy Day of Easter.  Write a recount of what happened to Jesus using your notes from Tuesday.  Also can you write what you think about the picture.  On the crucifixion picture why are there Roman soldiers present? On Thursday you need to do some research to find out how Christians celebrate Easter today on each of the days of Holy Week.  There is a worksheet for you to complete.



This week we are thinking about respecting rights and thinking about stereotyping.  Watch the presentation as a slideshow to help you understand stereotypes. There are some discussions cards to think about.  Pick 3 and discuss your ideas with someone at home.  Then do the activity sheet.