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Week 6 Resources


For the next few weeks we are going to be looking at fractions.  Our first week on fractions will be recapping on the knowledge you already have on fractions.  Remember fractions are your friends if you know your times tables really well it makes them easier to understand.  I have been really impressed with how well you have been learning your tables and doing your TTRS; I was showing your results in studio and soundchecker to Mrs Hopkins and she was amazed at how much you have all improved.  Well done and keep practising.   In class we just write down the answer to the Flashback 4, then do the worksheet and the reasoning problem.  There are some maths activities for you to complete in purple mash.


In English this week we are thinking about King James I and we will be writing a biography about him. A biography is an information text about someone’s life. Firstly we are going to explore the features of a biography, then plan the text so that you can write your biography on Wednesday.

We have got better at the singular possession apostrophe.  This week we are looking at the plural possession apostrophe.  In the uploaded pack there are 3 worksheets but only 6 sentences on each.  You need to write out the sentences and include the apostrophe in the correct place. Spelling group 1 you only have to do the first sheet. I have included the answers so you can check your work.


This week we have lots of activities to cover as it is Mental Health Week and Safety Internet Day.  There are lots of activities highlighted over the week. I have spread them out please have a go at doing some of them, they are there to help you develop your ideas as an understanding citizen. To start with their is a presentation on mental health, remember to watch it as a slide show so you can see all the transitions of the slides.  This year the focus is on how you grow physically but also emotionally.  Sometimes our emotional journey can have obstacles in it which we need to learn to overcome, it might not always be easy but we have to keep trying and this improves your perseverance.  We can develop strategies to overcome these obstacles.  There are 2 stories for you where the person has overcome challenges to achieve their dream. Jacob Anderson has an interview and explains how he worked on his problems to become successful.  Sky Brown won a Bronze medal in the Olympics in Skateboarding. Through her training she has suffered broken bones but she has persevered to achieve one of her dreams to represent her country in skateboarding. Read her interview and watch her perform at the Olympics.

Internet Safety

As part of our PSHE topic we have been doing about safety.  This week we are linking this with internet safety online.  I have put up a variety of activities for you to think about over the next few days.  First we are thinking about how we use the internet in our lives and the amount of time we spend online. There are positives and negatives to being online.  Look at the presentation as a slideshow and then sort the comments into positives and negatives.  There is a class data chart to complete, you cannot do this with the class but you could do it with your family members.

In our PSHE work we have been thinking about the different types of bullying. The presentation recaps bullying and especially cyperbullying.  Have a go at sorting the statements when you have completed the presentation.  Can you write a few sentences about what to do if someone is being cyperbullied.

On Wednesday we are focussing on positive thinking there is a presentation for you to follow.  Being positive really helps with your emotional state.  Sometimes we need help or can help ourselves to find our positive thoughts.  Look at the word mat and word cards after the presentation.  Pick 5 of the statements and say how you could use them to help you grow emotionally.  Then complete the negative to positive mindset activity.  

During the week we have been thinking about growing emotionally and becoming more resilient.  Have a look at the resilient poster.  Today I want you to think of challenges you have overcome or would like to do. Have a go at completing the worksheet.

Continuing with our internet safety.  Have a look at the presentation as a slideshow and think about we need to be safe online; talking to strangers and keeping our personal information safe.  Can you design a poster to highlight how we need to be safe.  I have included a class online pledge to give you some ideas.


This week we are thinking about animal hearing and pitch.  Following on from our work on pitch in class. First there is a bbc bitesize for you to watch.  Then there is a diagram of the different ranges of animal pitches.  You need to calculate the ranges and then answer the questions.