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Week 7 Resources


This week we are focusing on equivalent fractions. Equivalent fractions are fractions that are the same amount but have different numbers for the numerator and denominator.  Don't worry if you find it confusing we will revisit it again. Keep practising your TTRS.



This week we are finishing our topic on Reign Over Us and looking at Queen Anne and Queen Victoria. Queen Anne was responsible for uniting the country as the UK.  Look at the powerpoint to learn more about Queen Anne and on paper do the activity on the final slide. On Tuesday and Wednesday you are creating 6 interesting facts on Buckingham Palace which has been home and a working palace for the Royal family. Look at the fan facts and the Buckingham Palace link to create your own interesting facts on Buckingham Palace. You can create a powerpoint or write down the information be creative in how you present your work. In grammar on Friday we are moving onto speech.  There are 2 worksheets for you to complete on the second worksheet there are 3 worksheets you do not need.  We have finished our class novel on Kensuke's Kingdom and if you know the ending there are some activities I would like you to complete on the story especially the book review.  If you haven't heard the ending yet don't worry you can finish the story in school and then complete the activities.


This week we are looking at the empire of Queen Victoria.  During Queen Victoria's reign the British Empire grew.  Look at the worksheet which you need to print and use an atlas to find the countries which were part of the empire in the Victorian era.


Last week we looked at mental health and thought about how being happy and optimistic helped us to grow well emotionally.  Thinking about all the ideas we discussed in our PSHE lessons last week I would like you to create an acrostic poem on GROWING TOGETHER.  We have thought about how we have grown emotionally.  I have included a few word mats from last weeks work to help you create your poem.


This week we are thinking about soundproofing.  We have explored pitch and now we are going to explore through an investigation how to absorb sound and make the volume lower.  You can use an alarm clock to investigate.  Watch the presentation as a slide show first. I have included the worksheet separately for you to record your findings.