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Year 5


Here is the login code for class 5 - uog4rqp


Suggested timetable for week 1 Wednesday 6th January to Friday 8th January 2021

Wednesday 6th January 2021


Welcome to the spring term!


Happy New Year Class 5! Mrs Havard, Mrs Houghton and I, all wish you a very happy new Year and we hope that you had a relaxing and fun Christmas.


We are all very sad that you are not able to be in school at the moment, but we have lots exciting things planned for you linked to our new topic - Mexicans and the Mayans. We will be learning about our topic through reading an adventure book called Middleworld by Jon and Pamela Voelkel. Listen to the Loom recording, where you can hear me introducing the book, reading the blurb and then the preface - an introduction to what happens before the story itself begins. It's a very exciting read and I think you will all love it!


Don't forget, we will be asking you to bring all your work in once school re-opens, so do all the work to the best of your ability and make sure it is always neatly presented. I will be asking you to show your work and talk about it during our weekly Google meet sessions. 




For your maths, you are going to be doing a bit of revision to pick up on anything you are not confident about linked to place value. On some days, you will be covering two steps but this will help make sure you are secure with your knowledge and understanding of place value.




The Dream Jar - writing about your dreams and aspirations for 2021.


TOPIC - Create a topic page for the Mexicans and Mayans - see Project information.




For your writing today and to ease you back into the new term, I would like you to think about what your dreams and hopes are for 2021. Talk to your family about your ideas and aspirations (hopes/dreams) for this coming year. It might be that you hope and dream that you come back to school as soon as possible or you might dream of what you want to learn about and achieve over this year. Think about what you would like to learn about the Mexicans and Mayans; what subjects you might like to improve in - maybe you would like to learn your times tables, so that you are super quick at answering times table questions or perhaps you would like to improve your writing or maths, or you may want to achieve something creative or a sporting goal.

Write down your dreams in your dream jar. Explain your dream in writing as though your are writing to a friend and illustrate it as well. What words would you use to make your dream or dreams sound amazing?

Use the 'Design your dream jar' template and then decorate it and make it look really colourful and eye-catching, so you can show me, Mrs Havard and Mrs Houghton, what your dreams are. Have fun!


Mrs Betteley, Mrs Havard and Mrs Houghton

Dream jar - share your dreams, hopes and aspirations for 2021


1. GOAL: Round numbers to 10, 100 and 1000


Watch the loom video and jot down answers during the PowerPoint, so have a piece of paper and a pen handy or use your maths book.

Start with the varied fluency (VF) questions and if you are not feeling too confident choose D (developing), if you are feeling more confident choose E (expected) and if you feel confident choose GD (greater depth). Try and challenge yourself by trying a question on a more difficult sheet, then move onto some questions on the reasoning and problem solving sheets (RPS); D, E or GD. As with the varied fluency questions, try to challenge yourself with a slightly harder question. If you are doing GD, try and complete as many questions as you can.


2. GOAL: Numbers to 100,000


Look at the PowerPoint and then do the sheets as above. Do as much as you are able to. 



PROJECT - Mayans Geography 1 - GOAL: To find out where the Mayans lived

Part 1

Create your own topic page for the Mexicans and Mayans. Think about including a Mexican flag, some interesting pictures of Mayan gods/goddesses, Mayan pyramids, Mexican food or clothes etc. Make it bright, neat and eye-catching so it is a great start for your topic book.


Part 2

Have a look through the PowerPoint and then look at the work sheets. If you are really keen, you can do all the sheets, 1A, 1B and 1C, but if you are not feeling confident looking at maps and finding places, then start by doing 1A. If you are quite confident choose worksheet 1B and if you are feeling confident with your map reading  skills, then do sheet 1C and if you want to challenge yourself do worksheet 1D.





Maya Geography 1 - GOAL: To find out where the Maya lived