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Year 5

AUTUMN 2 WEEK 2 Monday 8th to Friday 12th November 2021


Here is the remote learning for week 2.




This week we are starting a new topic in maths - multiplication and division. To start there will be a Year 4 assessment to see what you know.

Monday - year 4 multiplication and division assessment and multiples


Tuesday - Factors


Wednesday - Common factors


Thursday - Prime numbers activity


Friday - Prime numbers





 This week we are looking at where the Anglo-Saxons came from, why they came here and where they settled.


Monday - GOAL: Understanding where the Anglo-Saxons came from and where they settled


Look at the PowerPoint and learn about where the Anglo-Saxons came from and where they settled. Mark on the maps the key countries (England, Scotland and Wales) and the seven kingdoms (Northumbria, Mercia, East Anglia, Kent, Essex, Sussex and Wessex). Use an atlas or google maps to help you. Also label:


The English Channel

The North Sea

Atlantic Ocean


Write a paragraph about where the Anglo-Saxons came from, why they came and where they settled. See an example on the PowerPoint.


Tuesday - GOAL: Planning a new report about the Anglo-Saxon invasion


Wednesday - Friday  - GOAL: Write a news report about the Anglo-Saxon invasion

SCIENCE - Wednesday


GOAL: Gravity


Look through the PowerPoint, read the comprehension text about Sir Isaac Newton and then answer the questions.

AUTUMN 2 WEEK 1 Tuesday 2nd November to Friday 5th November 2021


Here is the remote learning information for class 5. It will include a weekly timetable and the resources to go with the lessons outlined in the timetable.


On Tuesday, we will be having a Music Day in class 5, so you can join in this by logging onto Charanga and using the login which is Quinton and the password, which is Purple. We will be trying to cover all 6 steps in one day but at home you could listen and appraise 'Livin' on a Prayer' and then the other songs from each step and then fill in the Listen and Appraise table. Then have a go at learning and singing the song and perhaps adding some instruments, such as drumming on saucepans to the rhythm of the song. Be imaginative! You could even try making a shaker with an old Pringles tube and filling it with some rice or pasta or lentils and sealing the lid with tape.

Weekly timetable for Autumn 2 week 1

Listen and appraise table

Maths - complete the maths according to the weekly timetable. Start with the flashback 4 slides and complete 1 slide each day, then look at the power point before completing the worksheets.


GOAL: Recognising relative clauses

Look at the power point first and go through the activities and then complete the worksheet either D (developing) if you do not feel very confident, or E (expected), if you feel reasonably confident or GD (greater depth) if you feel very confident.

Complete the varied fluency sheet first and then the application and reasoning sheet. The answers are on the bottom of the sheets, but don't be tempted to look at them before you have attempted to complete the work!



Topic - Anglo-Saxons

We will be starting our new topic this week, which is the Anglo-Saxons, so to start with think about what you know already about the Anglo-Saxons and what you would like to find out about them. Complete the first two columns of the KWL grid and then choose just 3 of the ideas that you put down in the section of 'What you would like to know' and write these out neatly on the topic title page, which has room for only 3 questions.


GOAL: Analysing artefacts

Then imagine that you are an archaeologist, this is someone who studies the past through excavating sites and analysing artefacts and other physical remains. Look at the power point and then look at the accompanying worksheet and try and work out what the pictures of the different artefacts might be. it is like being a detective and then answer 4 question for each one. You can cut out the pictures and then write next to them. Enjoy being an archaeologist!


GOAL: Ordering events in a timeline

Finally for this week, cut out the timeline pictures and order them in chronological order on a timeline starting with the earliest date to the most recent date.


We are moving onto a new topic in science, which is Forces, so we will start off this topic by looking at different forces. Go through the PowerPoint and then have a go at completing the worksheets. You can also have a go at the bingo game, which you will need the Forces cards for, but this is optional.



This week, look at the PowerPoint on Mental Health Day, which was on 10th October and then create a poster, the world of wellbeing activity sheet.