Helpful information and useful websites on health and wellbeing for young people.

Childline – 0800 1111

Advice and support for young people around topics including bullying, abuse, safety, feelings, relationships and sex, pubert, you and your body, home and family, school, alcohol, drugs, smoking.

Warwickshire Family Information Service

Free information to support families with children and young people on issues like childcare, special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), help with family finances, one to one support, parenting support, support with bulying

Severe Allergies / Anaphylaxis

Youth Ambassadors Anaphylaxis Campaign

Anaphylaxis Campaign


Bladder & Bowel, Bedwetting

Children with Arthritis

Children with Diabetes

Children with Epilepsy

Diet, healthy eating, physical activity and exercise

The Great Grub Club – interactive website full of fun learning activities and recipes

Change4Life – interactive website about food facts, recipes and learning activities

Fitter Futures – advice and support on having a healthier lifestyle through weight management and becoming more active


Kidscape – advice and support on bullying, cyber bullying, friendships, moving up to secondary school

Bullying UK – advice and support on bullying at school and work, cyber bullying


Child Bereavement UK


Guy’s Gift

Peer Support

Ways to support a friend through various situations like self-harm, family problems, anxiety, suicidal feelings, depression, abuse, eating disorders, school exam stress and more.

Emotional Health

YoungMinds – bullying, anger, death and loss, abuse, eating problems, self-harm, problems at school, sleep problems

Shelf Help & Sorted! – self help books aimed at young people to help with concerns such as anxiety, stress and more

Stem4 – teenage mental health support in situations like eating disorders, self-harm, addiction, depression and anxiety

Staying Safe Online

Personal, School & Community Safety


Drugs / Alcohol / Smoking

Young Carers