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Adopting an Exciting, Knowledge-Based Curriculum at Quinton Primary School


As of September 2019, we have adopted a more knowledge-based curriculum here at Quinton and we are all really excited about the topics we have chosen to teach and the learning opportunities these will provide to the children. We are sure that this page will provide you with all the information which you need about our curriculum, but were you to have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


KS1 & KS2 Curriculum Overview 2020/ 2021


Autumn 1

8 weeks

Autumn 2

7 weeks

Spring 1

6 weeks

Spring 2

6 weeks

Summer 1

5 weeks

Summer 2

7 weeks

Year 1 Dinosaurs Childhood

Poles Apart

Hot & Cold Countries

People & Animals


Traction Man

Get Out of My Swamp!

Bog Baby

Year 2 Africa London's Burning! Pioneers Wonder Women The Scented Garden Beachcombers
Year 3

Meet the Flinstones!

Stone Age

Tomb Raiders!

Ancient Egypt


Aviation & Exploration History

Extreme Survival

Adapting to Different Climates & Environments

A Journey Through Europe European Focus: France
Year 4 Britain From the Air Romans Reign Over Us! Tudor Warwickshire Mount Kilimanjaro World Kitchen
Year 5 Earth & Beyond Invaders Mexico & the Mayans Walls & Barricades Wild Waters Rainforests
Year 6 Ancient Greece Natural Disasters World War Two World War Two Rule Britannia Yes Minister!


What is a Knowledge-Based Curriculum?

1. Acquisition of knowledge is at the heart.

2. Knowledge is specified in meticulous detail.

3. Knowledge is acquired in long term memory.

4. Knowledge is carefully sequenced over time.

5. There is a focus on subject disciplines.


At the start of each topic (usually one per half term), children will be provided with a 'Knowledge Organiser' which is essentially a fact sheet of their topic. The idea behind this particular method is that, put simply, the more children know off-by-heart, the more they will be able to apply their knowledge.


Please see our Curriculum Evening materials and refer to individual classes' Knowledge Organisers (Autumn 1 found below) for more information about our topics. If you require any further information regarding the curriculum which we teach, please speak to your child's class teacher.

For more details for parents about the New National Curriculum, click below on the link which is relevant to your child's year group.