Mr David Skelcher
      I am the headmaster of Quinton Primary School which has grown over the past ten years from 71 children to over 220 now. I love my job and my absolute priority is that every single child who comes
Miss H Skelcher
My name is Miss Skelcher and I am the EYFS Phase Leader and Reception teacher. I love what I do and find it very rewarding to make such a positive impact on children as they start their school journey. My
Miss S Johnson
I am Miss Johnson and I teach Nursery. I have always wanted to teach children of a young age as I feel that Early Years provide the building blocks for their future learning throughout school. I am very passionate about
Mrs M Martin
Year 1
My name is Mrs Martin. I absolutely love working at Quinton Primary School and teaching Year 1. In Year 1, we do a lot of work on Phonics to improve the children’s confidence and to develop a love of reading.
Miss A Shipley
Year 2
My name is Miss Shipley and I teach in Year 2. Quinton is a fantastic place to be and every day is great fun. In Year 2, we cover lots of exciting topics and complete much cross-curricular work. In school,
Mrs N Loquens
Year 3
My name is Mrs Loquens and I am a teacher at Quinton Primary School. I have worked here for many years and love it so much that I never want to leave. This is the most caring school which I have
Mrs Harvard
Year 4
My name is Mrs Havard and I teach in Year 4. I love working at Quinton as it’s a very friendly school where we all work together as a team. I enjoy inspiring children to be enthusiastic about their learning
Mr Ganjavi
Year 4
My name is Mr Ganjavi and I am the Year 4 teacher at Quinton. I have been at Quinton since the start of 2018 and it is such a lovely place to be. I am so happy to work in
Mrs N Betteley
Year 5
I am Mrs Betteley. I love my job teaching Year 5. Every day is different and the job I very rewarding. I love books and I try to inspire all children to read a wide variety of books which will