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At Quinton Primary School, we aim to stimulate a child's curiosity in finding out why things happen in the way they do. We teach methods of enquiry and investigation to stimulate creative thought. Children learn to ask scientific questions and begin to appreciate the way science will affect their future on a personal, national and global level. At the start of each science topic, the children are given a knowledge organiser to help guide them and deepen their understanding of the topic being covered. Each knowledge organiser is also linked to a famous scientist.


During the summer, the whole school takes part in a 'Science Week'. The children in each class undertake a variety of investigations linked to a whole school topic. Parents are then invited in to see what the children have been doing. Children are also given a challenge of completing an investigation of their own choice to share with the school.


A STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) club runs on a Tuesday after school for children in KS2. The emphasis of the club is learning through having fun and giving the children the opportunity to learn through projects, which cover all the STEM subjects, giving them an insight into and an enthusiasm for all these subjects.

Science Long Term Plan

Below you will find a copy of our science topic long term plan for Years 1-6.

Science in Early Years and Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception) is covered through the early learning goals for 'Knowledge and Understanding of the World'.


We are now using science knowledge organisers through from year 1-6 to support the children in their learning. Each organiser consists of key vocabulary linked to the science topic, a significant scientist, useful diagrams/models and facts.