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Year 3

All the children in year 3 made a link for a class paper chain. On each link they drew pictures of things that they felt connected to, which consisted of a mixture of clubs, people and activities they enjoyed doing. They also listened to a presentation about loneliness and took part in some activities related to this. These included writing about who their trusted people would be, that they could talk to if they felt lonely and looking at lonely scenario's and writing about what the person could do in that situation. To get to know their classmates better, they created their own bingo sheets and then had to wander around the room and find people who matched their statements!

Year 3 had a good go at some of the Taskmaster challenges, creating their own rainbows in 2 different ways...using only 1 colour crayon and then working in a pair using any media they chose. They also choreographed their own dance routines!