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Year 5

Good morning Year 5! I hope that you've had a lovely weekend!


Here is your home learning for today.



Complete the Arithmetic test below. Show your working out. If there are any questions which you are stuck on, don't worry! We will go through them together.


We started learning about 'The Great Wall of China' last week. Use the fact sheets which are attached below to write some notes about 'The Great Wall of China'. We will be able to use the information which you gather later in the week when we write our non-chronological reports. Record your information under the following four sub-headings:

1) When and why was it built?

2) How long is it?

3) Who built it?

4) The wall today


Most of the information for these four sub-headings is on the first page of the attached fact sheet, but you can use pages two and three to give you some extra information! Remember, when we are note-taking, we don't have to write in full sentences. However, what we write must make sense when we read it back at another time!




This week is British Science Week! Each day this week, we will be having a go at something Science related! 

Firstly this afternoon, watch the Forces Live Lesson. See the link below for this.


Secondly, watch the 'Water trick' video. Can you have a go at this at home (perhaps over the sink!)? Then, make some brief notes about which forces are in action here. Think about the following questions:

  • What surprised you about what you saw?
  • Which forces are at play here?
  • Why does the water not fall to the ground?
  • Apart from water, what else is in the glass?




Have a good day everyone!


Mrs Timms