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Year 1

laughGood Morning Year 1laugh

We are sorry we can't be together in school today and do our learning together.  We have uploaded some work for you to complete in Maths, English and Science.  If you are struggling to access the work, please do not panic but make sure you have completed your maths homework, read your reading book and practised your spellings for the week.



GOAL: To count, compare and order numbers up to 20 and beyond 20


1. Download and print maths worksheet (or use a piece of paper to write answers if you cannot print)


2. Start watching video and work through the worksheet activities as they tell you on the video


3. Try to complete at least worksheets 1 and 2 (do more if you feel up to it!)


All the maths skills covered in the video and worksheets are revision of our previous learning.



1. Complete interactive Phonics activity using a computer or device.


2. Complete English Activity on the worksheet (or on a piece of paper if you cannot print).

For this activity you will be writing descriptive sentences about animals, some of you may wish to just write a few words to describe each animal or get an adult to write your sentence down for you.


This week is British Science Week! Each day this week, we will be having a go at something Science related! We are learning about 'Animals and Humans' in our topic at the moment and today we are discovering more about our 'senses'.


1. Watch the video to find out about our 5 senses.


2. Complete the quiz on the webpage.


3. Have a go at a 'senses walk': Walk around your house or garden and write or draw what you can see, hear, feel, smell and taste. You can use the worksheet below or just a piece of paper to record what you find.